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Koko Neetz, Bryan Dubay, TK Lipps @ The Cave

The Cave 71 Military, Buffalo, NY, US

Hibernate at The Cave with indie rock bands Koko Neetz (Andrew Kothen & Sally Schaefer), Bryan Dubay, and TK Lipps. This promises to be a night to remember, filled with soulful tunes and a warm atmosphere. The three artists, each with their unique sound, will take turns on stage showcasing their talents and capturing the […]

The Madcaps present the Syd Barrett Birthday Celebration Saturday January 6, 2024

The Cave 71 Military, Buffalo, NY, US

Join us for a mesmerizing night of music as we celebrate Syd Barrett's birthday with "The Madcaps" - a tribute band dedicated to capturing the magic of Pink Floyd's founding member. Performing selections from Piper at the Gates of Dawn, early Pink Floyd singles and Syd's solo music. Immerse yourself in the ethereal sounds and […]