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Kody & Herren live at Days Park Tavern

Days Park Tavern 253 Allen street, Buffalo, NY, US

Kody & Herren perform live at Days Park Tavern in Buffalo, NY on Sunday March 19th from 4pm-7pm! Expect a mix of originals, covers and Irish/Celtic tunes for the St. Patrick's Day weekend!www.kodyandherren.comhttps://www.facebook.com/events/722976362563877/

Kody & Herren (band) live at Music is Art Festival

Buffalo River Fest Park Buffalo River Fest Park

Kody & Herren (band) perform live on Saturday September 9th for the 21st annual Music is Art Festival on the Wharf Stage located in Buffalo River Fest Park from 7:15pm-8pm!https://www.musicisart.org/festivalWharf Stage lineup:11:00 - Tom Stahl & the Dangerfields12:00 - David Michael Miller1:15 -Rockabilly Steve & BR32:30 - JJ White & MOJO Sauce3:45 - Nickel City […]

Kody & Herren live at the Gin Mill

The Gin Mill, Ellicottville NY Washington St, Ellicottville, NY, US

Kody & Herren perform live at the Gin Mill in Ellicottville, NY on Sunday December 17th from 1pm-4pm!https://www.facebook.com/events/662382572329419/